QDX™ HealthID Expands its COVID-19 Ecosystem with MIG USA Antibody Test Kits and other Contagion Mitigation Products

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The QDX™ HealthID ecosystem adds MIG USA serology tests.
Once FDA EUA approval is granted, MIG USA to offer QDX™ HealthID
to persons taking its tests, including its own employees.  


San Marcos, TX and High Point, NC – July 28, 2020 – QDX HealthID Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp (OTC Bulletin Board: QTMM) – today announced that in conjunction with its parent it has signed an agreement with MIG USA, for the inclusion of MIG USA and affiliates’ test kits in the QDX™ HealthID ecosystem. Additionally, the agreement allows for MIG USA to offer QDX™ HealthID to users of its test kits.

QDX HealthID, currently in beta release, is a SaaS-based platform that allows companies and individuals to see and select a particular COVID-19 test kit, authenticate and record the test results in a secure way, and then share those authenticated results with friends, family—or any other third party of their choosing.

MIG USA is awaiting FDA EUA approval for two rapid serology tests, to which MIG USA has distributor rights in the U.S. and several countries abroad.  

The agreement allows those persons registered on the QDX™ HealthID platform to use a MIG USA test kit — when a health care provider prescribes it. The agreement is non-exclusive and allows for other registered test kits and diagnostic services to be used by QDX™ HealthID customers.

The agreement also allows for MIG USA to offer the QDX™ HealthID service to users of MIG USA’s and affiliates’ branded test kits. Initially, MIG USA’s employees will use QDX™ HealthID to create their health status. Additionally, MIG USA is including QDX™ HealthID as part of usability testing submission to the FDA. 

MIG USA is based in High Point, North Carolina. MIG USA and its subsidiaries and affiliates focus on the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of infectious disease screening and diagnostic products as well as contagion mitigation products. This agreement will allow for the parties’ expansion into a multitude of MIG USA product offerings and technologies which are synergistic with the vision for QDX™ HealthID.

"We are pleased to expand the ecosystem of test kits and diagnostic services that are part of our QDX HealthID service with the inclusion of the MIG USA serology tests," says Stephen B. Squires, CEO of QDX HealthID Incorporated. "These antibody test kits and MIG USA’s products complement those from other ecosystem members and demonstrates the open approach we’ve taken with QDX HealthID."

“We are excited to work with QDX™ HealthID to help fulfill our mission to provide COVID-19 testing and tracking to potentially save lives and reopen businesses, and our contagion mitigation products, which are subject to collaboration with QDX HealthID Incorporated, promise to provide a whole host of novel approaches to future epidemics,” says Dr. Adnan Mjalli, CEO and Chairman, MIG USA.

The QDX™ HealthID service allows an individual to control when and how to share an authenticated health status, such as the result of a COVID-19 test, without revealing the test result itself.  QDX™ HealthID’s guiding mantra is “We don’t share your data. You do.”


QDX HealthID Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) created to leverage, adapt and augment QMC technologies to address global health and wellness opportunities, with an emphasis on authentication of people, products and places while recognizing the individual’s information privacy rights. More information is available at #.


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MIG USA is based in High Point, North Carolina. MIG USA and its subsidiaries and affiliates focus on the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of infectious disease screening and diagnostic products as well as contagion mitigation products. 

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Adnan Mjalli, PhD
CEO and Chairman, MIG USA